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0.8% - 1.2% daily for 30 - 70 days
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0.8% - 1.2% daily for 30 - 70 days
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$4 /нед. - $12 /месяц

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Crypto Trader $0.50 
Crypto Source Share $0.64 
CoryBets $0.70 
Luxearn Proprietary LTD $0.50 
Dj PMCoin $0.50 
Family Savings Bank $1.12 
Art Invest Company $0.75 
Oil Profit Limited $0.50 
Cryptolia Limited $1.00 
Dollars Valley Limited $0.50 

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Crypto TraderPaid to $0.5 and ranked 2018-10-15 11:03:06
Crypto Source SharePaid to $0.64 and ranked 2018-10-14 23:40:44
Grant EposDate: 14/10/2018 11:17
From/To Account : U3774322
Amount : 3.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 232059575
Memo : Withdraw to khaawary.
CoryBetsPaid to $0.7 and ranked 2018-10-14 22:36:07
Luxearn Proprietary LTDPaid to $0.5 and ranked 2018-10-14 22:58:05
Dj PMCoinPaid to $0.5 and ranked 2018-10-14 19:04:13
Family Savings BankPaid to $1.12 and ranked 2018-10-14 15:02:34
Art Invest CompanyPaid to $0.75 and ranked 2018-10-14 14:47:17
Oil Profit LimitedPaid to $0.5 and ranked 2018-10-14 12:23:23
Cryptolia LimitedPaid to $1 and ranked 2018-10-14 12:10:23

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Real Crypto Trade
190% After 4 Days / 336% After 6 Days / 2.2% Daily for 90 Days / 3.2% Daily for 60 Days / 588% After 9 Days / 1190% After 12 Days / 1380% After 25 Days.


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  наш рейтинг:
  срок жизни: 136 days  
  мониторинг: 136 days  
  коэфф. выплат: 44%  
  наш вклад: $50.00  
  возвращено средств: $22.17
  отзывы пользователей: 7  
  последний платеж: 2018-06-09  
В избранное
планы: From 90% to 360% per month(from 3% to 12% daily), depending on the size of investment
мин/макс вклад: $ 1/  
выплата: Мгновенная  
реферал: 5-3%  
поддержка: mail |  

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Our project of cloud mining is
Our benefits:
The daily profit varies from 3% to 12% with the small gap between levels. The maximum profit is available even for users who invested the minimum sum;
The affiliate program consists of 2 levels with 3% and 5% rewards for attracting new referrals and instant payouts of this income;
Instant payouts are also available for other categories of users – you will be able to withdraw your earned money in the quickest and most effective way;
By distributing the mining equipment powers, you can mine a few cryptocurrencies at the same time – this is the great advantage and cryptocurrency diversity for miners;
24-hour support with the feature of adding bonuses to the user`s deposit whenever he needs.
Sincerely your team


Наш проект облачного майнинг
Наши преимущества :
Доход в сутки от 3 до 12 процентов при этом промежуток между ступенями очень мал, что говорит о то что максимальный профит можно получать с минимальными влажениями.
Партнерская программа двух уровневая 5% и 3%, при этом средства поcтупленные от рефралов вы сразу можете вывести!
Инстант выплаты, что позволит вам максимально быстро и эффективно выводить свои заработанные средства!
Распределения мощности добычи, вы сможете добывать несколько валют одновременно, что дает огромный плюс и разнообразие добываемой валюты! Круглосуточная поддержка, с правом добавлять бонус к депозиту пользователя на свое усмотрения!
С уважением команда

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PixelMining $2.83 
PixelMining $2.67 
PixelMining $2.73 
PixelMining $3.68 
PixelMining $5.32 
PixelMining $3.47 
PixelMining $1.47 
Последние вклады

2018-06-01 22:23:56PixelMining$50.00 

Online Support


2018-09-27 09:16:38
Eightouch Important Update
Hello our valued members! Due the CoinPayments gateway's cosmic fees, we are stop to make any withdrawals with this system. All payments with Bitcoin (and any other cryptocurrency) will process manually from BlockChain without any fees. Minimum withdrawal amounts with crypto decreased to $0.10. Hope you like this. Once again. All withdrawals with cryptocurrency is NOT instant, but fast. PerfectMoney and Payeer payouts processed instantly as usual. Have a nice day, have a good time with your lovely programs.
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2018-09-26 17:36:41
From Eightouch Admin
Hello our members! Payeer on technical work now. We'll process all Payeer requests when they back to the normal. Please don't worry, we're waiting with you... Admin
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2018-08-27 00:24:38
Family Savings Bank - new terms of investment
Dear Member, We decided to significantly improve the terms of investment in our program. Starting from August 27, 2018, the term of new deposits will be 30 calendar days. Thus, the profit of the investor will increase substantially. Deposits made before these changes will work under the old conditions: term 150 days, the initial deposit is notrefundable. Thank you for your trust.
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2018-06-09 12:36:44
News Crypto Trader LTD
Dear Sir / Madam We remind you that the bitcoin rate is fixed and is equal to $ 10,000. You do not receive any losses due to the growth or decrease in the rate of bitcoin. Best Wishes, Crypto Trader LTD
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2018-06-03 13:48:11
News Crypto Trader LTD
Dear Sir/Madam Today we have some great news for you! We are expanding the investment opportunities in the crypto currency. In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), investments will also be available in Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Dash (DASH). We hope that new payment processors will make cooperation with Crypto Trader even more attractive for you. Now we will be able to help to realize its investment requirements of people, whom owing of certain reasons were unavailable to use other electronic payment systems, which before have provided in our program. Our development and progress continues forward and we are aimed only at positivity and productivity of the cooperation process. Use new opportunities in own work with our program. We sincerely wish you new successes in the investment with our company! Best Wishes, Crypto Trader LTD
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2018-05-17 17:12:13
News Crypto Trader LTD
Hello, dear friend! Crypto Trader LTD online 5 months. Our specialists have done a great job for this period. Many investors already had the opportunity to earn huge money, with which they also congratulate. But we will not dwell on the attainment. In the near future we plan to translate our site into 4 languages and connect online chat. Sincerely, Crypto Trader LTD
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$5 /нед. - $15 /месяц


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