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3% daily for 100 days; 5% daily for 40 days; 10% daily for 20 days and more
CryptoCoins Fund Limited
3% daily for 100 days; 5% daily for 40 days; 10% daily for 20 days and more
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0.5%-17.7% Daily 10-500 Business Days, 700%-7000% After 20-120 Business Days
0.5%-17.7% Daily 10-500 Business Days, 700%-7000% After 20-120 Business Days
Размещен до: 23-11-15
135% After 1 Day, 400% After 5 Days, 950% After 10 Days, 1900% After 15 Days...
Defi Profit Limited
135% After 1 Day, 400% After 5 Days, 950% After 10 Days, 1900% After 15 Days...
Размещен до: 22-12-3


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1)Верхний сменяющийся баннер вверху всех наших страниц (TOP Rotating Banner 468*60) только $5 /неделю

2)Сменяющийся баннер на всех наших страницах (Rotating Banner 468*60) только $3 /неделю

3)Не сменяющийся специальный баннер с текстовым описанием вверху всех наших страниц (Special Banner 728*90 non rotating), начиная от $10/неделю,Чем выше цена, тем выше расположение.

4)Не сменяющийся обычный баннер с текстовым описанием на всех наших страницах (Normal Banner 468*60 non rotating), начиная от $5/неделю,Чем выше цена, тем выше расположение.

5)Текстовая реклама(250 символов или меньше) или минибаннеры (125*125) на всех наших страницах начиная от $3/неделю.

6)Боковой баннер (120/160*600) на всех наших страницах, начиная от $4/неделю

7)Плавающий угловой баннер(125*125 Sticky Floating) на всех наших страницах, начиная от $7/неделю

Запомните наши расчётные счета:
Perfect Money: U1136717

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Меняющийся банер(468*60)
Специальный банер(не сменяющийся, текст и описание)(728*90)
Обычный банер(не сменяющийся)(468*60)
Боковой банер (125*125)
Боковой банер (120/160*600)
Плавающий банер(125/125)


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2022-01-25 00:26:28
DollarBill - Suspension of Cooperation with Perfect Money payment system
We want to inform you that due the reasons beyond our control, we suspend cooperation with Perfect Money payment system, you can easily convert all your earnings from deposits of Perfect Money into a Tether TRC20 USDT on the exchange page in your personal account - https://dollarbill.biz/?a=exchange The exchange rate is 1 to 1, also we reduce the minimum withdrawal amount for Tether TRC20 USDT to $5 USD. Best wishes DollarBill
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2022-01-07 14:02:27
Defi Profit Limited - 300 Days Celebrations!
Hello, we have already passed 300 Days of successful work, So, We are really pleased to issue our news update for our clients and guests. In the past 300 days, Defi Profit Limited has seen tremendous growth for which we are thankful for our clients to staying with us. We are looking ahead to find more ways to be a closer to our clients. As you can see, we are gradually applying our members suggestions and improvements to make our Company more customers oriented. If you have good ideas, dont hesitate to contact us, we are very pleased to implement our clients suggestions. Also, I would like to say few words about our statistic data so for now we have: More than 10 thousands investors from all the world and this potential still increase quickly, More than 1 mln. Total Deposited funds, More than 0.8 mln. Total Withdraw funds. But its not an all, another advantage we want to remind you is that you will get Upto 10% Extra Bonus as referral commission for any new deposits made by your direct referrals. So, this is challenging opportunity to make additional profit with Defi Profit Limited for a long term period. We have a good feedback in popular monitors so we are really happy that we can meet your expectations. We are committed to serving you with professionalism, integrity, and sensitivity. We will do our best to make a really good opportunity for online investing. Thank you for staying with us
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2021-12-19 19:03:18
Flex Business Finance Ltd - official group
Dear colleagues. Be careful, this group is the only official group!!! There are no other groups in any messengers! There is a link to this group on the website. There are no other links on the site!! https://t.me/Flex_business_ltd ---------- Flex Business LTD Team----------
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2021-11-13 00:03:27
Flex Business Finance Ltd - added the USDT (TRC20) payment system
Dear colleagues! We are pleased to announce that we have added a new USDT (TRC20) payment system. Now it will be even more convenient to profit from investments in our Company. We wish you all good earnings and hope for a long and fruitful cooperation!! Flex Business LTD Team
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2021-10-30 13:12:20
Successful Investments - new payment system
Dear colleagues!! In our telegram group https://t.me/Flex_business_ltd We have created a survey about adding a new payment system. Add and vote. We care about you and strive to improve our service. All good earnings together with our company!!! Flex Business LTD Team
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2021-10-26 19:53:55
Flex Business Finance Ltd - chat
Dear colleagues! We have made a chat of our investment project. Join the chat and invite friends and acquaintances. https://t.me/Flex_business_ltd Have a good earnings for everyone!!!
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